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They could start by being honest and open about what data they gather and give users simple, easy-to-access tools to restrict it if they want. (Most modern users won't care, anyway.)

If MS has built an OS that cannot be effectively maintained without being sneaky and deceptive about their data gathering, that's their problem. Don't ask me to sympathize with them just because doing things right is hard.

There's a tool that been in win10 for a while now that shows exactly what data is collected. It shows exactly what component of the OS is collecting it.

Go in to the Settings app > Privacy > Diagnostics & Feedback and scroll down to the "View Diagnostic Data" section.

Its not really all that sneaky or deceptive or dishonest or any of that. Its just being portrayed as such by anyone writing about it in the press for some reason.

It should be possible to have a single, giant button for the complete opt-out, and the assurance that no updates, inconsistencies, individual settings, or else could cause analytics to get out of your pc.

I personally don't see the big deal, but to each their own.

>They could start by being honest and open about what data they gather

Are they being dishonest about what they claim to collect? Is there anything deceiving in their privacy policy?

It's completely unverifiable. For big companies I assume dishonesty until proven otherwise.

Give me the keys to read the raw stream and we can talk.

It doesn't matter that it's unverifiable; that's just how it works. If they're found to be breaking the rules then they earn exorbitant fees, sanctions, and lawsuits.

It's like saying that you expect letter carriers to read every letter they deliver because there's no way to prove otherwise. They can get caught doing it, and if they are they're severely punished. That's your insurance.

Nothing is perfect, but somehow it still works. You can't always get 100% assurances; that's the nirvana fallacy. If you insist on it you'll just dismantle a system that was otherwise working perfectly fine.

Are mail carriers foolproof? No, but they serve a purpose.

Are privacy policies foolproof? No, but they serve a purpose.

Opening letters is a punishable crime, at least where I live.

Collecting too much data: Ooops we're sorry. Facebook has breached on multiple occasions their deal with the FTC. Until now not much has come out of it.

European data commissioners have requested more detailed information on telemetry to be able to certify Windows 10 for use in public offices and have been stonewalled so far. Not exactly trust-building.

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