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We played 10,000 hands of poker in the 5 humans + 1 AI experiment. The number of hands won isn't a useful metric in poker. If you win only 10% of your hands and make $1,000 on those hands, while losing only $1 on the other 90% of hands, then you're a winning player. The bot won at a rate of 4.8 bb/100 ($4.8 per hand if the blinds are $50/$100). This is considered a large win rate by professionals.

> This is considered a large win rate by professionals.

It depends on context. 4.8bb/100 is quite good for high-level online play, but wouldn't be enough to make a living at live poker. The biggest game that runs on a regular basis in most areas is $5/10. At ~33 hands per hour, that's 1.6bb or $16 an hour.

And I'd assume there was no rake in your game? That would take a big chunk out of the rate.

For one player...

$16/hr X (VM|microservice thread) could become astronomical profit.

That's why it's a good rate online where you can play multiple tables. Unlimited VMs don't help you in a live casino.

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