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He's got over 40 projects in total there, and each one of those is deep --- they would either take a very long time or be impossible for the average programmer. In contrast, many other programmers I've heard claim to have done over a dozen different projects turn out to really be "I glued several libraries together" repeated many times; very much the opposite of Bellard.

In fact, I suspect one of the reasons he is so productive is because he shuns all social media.

He has a drive that most people can only dream of.

I have a bunch of projects, drones, 3d printers, computer clusters, a bunch of programs I want to make - I have all the tools, I already own all the things I mentioned.

But I suffer from depression/other stuff, and I haven't touched them in months. Let alone this guy, who is presumably pounding away at his keyboard for hours everyday.

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