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Academic notation is much less concerned with self-documentation and much more concerned with brevity and correctness.

I'm glad we never needed to learn these forms in school:

horizontalDisplacement = -(linearCoefficient +- sqrt(linearCoefficient^2 - 4 x quadraticCoefficient x constantCoefficient)) / (2 x quadraticCoefficient)

triangle_hypotenuse_length^2 = triangle_vertical_length^2 + triangle_horizontal_length^2

>I'm glad we never needed to learn these forms in school:

I'm not. You vastly underestimate how much easier that is to read, especially for students in school.

I agree.

My first thought upon reading those was... my god, if that’s how I’d first learned it in 7th grade, it would have made so much more immediate, intuitive sense to me and the rest of the students!

We’re taught so many formulas where we don’t have the slightest intuitive idea of what the variables mean or the effect they have (unless we’re naturally really intuitively good at math, which only a very small proportion of students are).

But if they said it right in their name... that seriously would have been a game-changer for a lot of students, I think. A gigantic help for understanding how to connect formulas to practical word problems.

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