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A very small and fast javascript interpreter. It will create a small library file for the programs who depends on this and according to the benchmarks it runs faster than the other javascript interpreters.

If you want a very fast javascript engine and dont have problems with binary size, memory constraints and executable memory pages, you can pick a JIT like V8, Chakra or Spidermonkey. As those JITs are pretty advanced optimizing JIT compilers and will run javascript code very fast, much faster than the fastest interpreted VM implementation can.

People who tend to choose this instead of V8 for instance need to run this in a microcontroler for instance, or a OS without executable memory pages (and therefore where JITĀ“s are forbidden).

Right - I'm wondering if Fabrice had a particular embedder in mind for this JS engine. It seems like a big effort to go to just for the hell of it.

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