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Your reply is a great example of why talking about taxes in an open forum is often a waste of time.

We start with a discussion about whether this one particular tax is reasonable or unreasonable because of jurisdiction issues, and before long you realize that a bunch of the people arguing against that tax don't really care about the jurisdiction issue, their real agenda is that they don't want any taxes, any governments, or any societies.

You are entitled to your beliefs, of course, but you really shouldn't respond to me. You should just post at the top level that not only should France not tax internet giants, but it shouldn't tax its citizens or anyone else.

You made the point of the government selling services, not about France taxes. I responded to that point.


Well, I was arguing that the government is NOT in the business of selling services, and that is why taxes for the mot part are not based on consumption.

Ideally—from my perspective as a product member of the Socialist Republic of Kanuckistan—taxes based on consumption are not about “fairness” but about creating disincentives for undesirable exploitation of resources.

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