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I don't "feel" forced into paying them. I AM forced into paying them.

> no one is able to look past the fact that they feel forced into paying them.

This is rather dismissive of a broad category of valid complaints a group feels.

The US Government uses tax revenue to fund many things, but some of those things are horrifically misguided wars and a global military empire.

is that global military empire an investment? If I had the _option_ of contributing money to the US military, I would never pay a penny to it.

Do the benefit of these "investments" to keep (USA) society running smoothly outweigh the millions of lives lost to misguided wars over the last 50 years?

I'd say no. It's unethical for me to elevate my _possibly_ elevated standard of living over the lives lost and ruined via the Vietnam war, Afghanistan war, Iraqi war, and countless other instances where the US military has ruined communities and countries.

Whether you feel forced or not has little to do with whether you are forced to or not. I don't feel forced to even though I am because I understand and appreciate what I get in return. I would want to pay for these things anyways if taxation didn't exist.

I agree on the war front but that can only be changed from within and would exist with taxation or not only without taxation it would be a far more violent experience for you.

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