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I'm happy to see an alternative to Upwork.

I hope you will consider branching out beyond those particular technologies. For example, I'm a Node dev who has done Angular and React before but would probably rather use Vue on the front end (if it's appropriate) these days. Also have a fair bit of Linux experience which might be an important skill (as well as C++ and many other technologies from 20+ years). And I am thinking I might focus more on AI by learning to use some of the high level APIs out there. I assume there is demand for that type of thing.

I guess one of the main difficult things about branching out beyond React etc. is, how can you necessarily do a weekly demo for something that really isn't visual or interactive or may not have a short term deliverable? I think the simplest answer is just some type of screen share or short video that shows the raw progress, for example just a run-through of data cleanup scripts highlighting some of the data issues being resolved.

Thank you.

We will absolutely branch out, but not sure on timing or specific skillsets.

Fixing what companies (Startups) and freelancers (React, React native, iOS, Android) are on Turtle lets us focus on our platform.

We believe the infrastructure is the biggest missing element in making remote, part-time work successful. Something as simple as how fast or reliably a chat message gets delivered becomes important in asynchronous work. Chat, tasks, meetings, payments, and vetting processes are the core elements of our platform today and these feel critical to any vertical. The vetting processes and meeting templates are the only unique pieces to each vertical.

Since most of our customers are technical, the non-visual demo is not a concern. We are more concerned with distracting ourselves away form focusing on the platform or outsourcing things that shouldn't be outsourced (ex: strategic, long-term impact decisions should not be outsourced. Co-founders should never be outsourced).

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