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The common retort is "they record everything and then upload it all when you use the wake word". The people who say that clearly don't understand audio file sizes (unless Amazon has invented a new, secret, super compressed audio format).

If Google don't clearly states what it collect, people must assume its everything

When it's within your power to verify but you don't take the time to do so, you lose the authority to go online and claim your conspiracy theory has any merit at all.

No. You don't lose authority, you lose credibility. Unfortunately, conspiracy theorists tend to believe and repeat information that sparks an emotional reaction in them or agrees with their paranoid worldview, regardless of the credibility of that information. However, because of Google's track record with user data, paranoid assumptions of them tend to be correct.

You can make fun of people who don't read tiny little words hidden in a contract. But you also can say tiny words are dark patterns.

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