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> we aren't going to leave that person inside the car to die.

Well... we already did. https://www.autoblog.com/2019/02/25/fatal-tesla-model-s-cras...

People at the scene tried to break the windows, but the fire got too hot and they were forced to leave the man behind and get smoked inside of the fire.

People are already dead because they were unable to be extracted from a damaged Tesla S. The only question now is how will Firefighters respond to the NEXT crash, and will they be prepared this time?

Also, Tesla probably should change the design of their cars to make for better emergency extractions, to minimize this risk. Obviously, doors and stuff will break and become unable to open during a crash situation. But when you have electronic handles that pop up and very confusing instructions for "emergency door" things in your manual (open the side compartment, look for a particularly colored wire, and pull on it? That's too complex, most people won't be able to do that while suffering from a concussion + fearing for the fire that's engulfing them).

Falcon Wing doors / Fancy handles are all fun and games until you consider the crash + burning situation. It really does make for a difficult extraction.

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