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Imagine if first responders had to watch a 20 minute video for each of the several hundred models of cars that are on the roads. Doesn't seem like a scalable approach.

We don't. It's a cool video for a training night but really it's a pretty standard dash roll. Electric cars present a very real danger but so do ICE. High pressure fuel lines with pumps that don't shut down. Diesel engines which "runaway" with air intake leaks.

Every call is a special situation where you start with a baseline tactic and evolve the approach as needed. 20 minutes is overkill but the whole time we were watching it here we were discussing extrication in general. "Would you do this or that? What would you look for here? Did you see their step cribbing placement?" The Tesla responder guide is awesome and available online and is all you "need" to know where and what to cut. The video is more a conversation starter.

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