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While I appreciate your perspective, I can imagine there’s a lot of people hiring that have zero idea how developers & data scientists work and think screen recording is a brilliant idea and thus insist on it.

I’ve seen a lot of really shit job postings on Upwork & similar freelancing platforms that confirm the person posting the job has no idea of what they’re doing.

I imagine there could be employers who insist on this sort of thing screen monitoring (which sounds crazy to me) -- but the good thing about this marketplace is that contractors aren't forced into any particular contracts. If they don't like the terms with one buyer, they could "vote with their dollars" and work for another.

Second this, I've been both a nontechnical and a somewhat less nontechnical buyer on Upwork. When I was more nontechnical before working for Gigster (freelance software dev marketplace), I would have said that screen recording is brilliant. After all, how could I trust someone who is doing work I don't understand? At least I can look at their screen and make sure they weren't on HN when they were billing me :)

Somewhat less nontechnical me knows better now, but if I didn't have any idea how to hire still, there's a good chance I would be one of those bad buyers.

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