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I think it comes down to economic warfare. The us abuses it with its allies and thats just retaliation.

Herés a video in french explaining it better than i can: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=dejeVuL9-7c

Maybe YT knows how to translate live ? (Nlp + gtranslate ?)

My point is: in order to understand this chess move (and judge for yourself whether its a smart one or not), you have to understand the previous moves on the board (from « allies » and « ennemies », or just « economic partners » as de gaulle would say).

> So, they're imposing a tax on companies that serve French customers via the internet but aren't based in France

The Alstom case (and, to a larger extent, the US justice system jurisdictional overreach) was really something ugly, I don't really believe it's even remotely comparable to this situation.

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