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One of the game-breaking things about the older JavaScriptCore engine on Android was that when I debug on Chrome, it has a totally different engine (V8) so, there were code that ran correctly when debugging but crashed on-device.

Will Hermes be able to solve this debugging issue?

Developer here. Yes, it will. JS code you debug through Chrome will still be running on Hermes.

Hermes is using the same debugging protocol as Node. So yes, debugging in Chrome actually runs Hermes code on the device.

Correction: this is not documented yet, but it should already work. Documentation is coming soon.

The current open-source release doesn't have the component that glues the RN inspector with the Hermes debugger to make on-device debugging of Hermes bytecode work. But Hermes does contain a debugger interface, and making this flow this work will happen sometime in the future.

Looks like I was wrong and it’s just the docs that are missing.

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