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I think you're right, but from what I've seen this causes services to make a special cancellation process for CA residents while making everyone else still jump through hoops.

For example, there is no option to cancel a Wall Street Journal digital subscription on the web site, unless you change your billing address to one in California, and then a cancel option will appear.

So the WSJ has implemented an online cancel option, and then done extra work to make it available selectively depending on your address?

Somehow that doesn't really surprise me, but it does disgust me. And reminds me not to enter into any kind of customer relationship with them.

I made the mistake of subscribing to the NYT. After their cancellation process I've promised myself never to send them another dime in my lifetime. Meanwhile I've had stints of reading WashPo and the New Yorker and would happily resubscribe.

Someone needs to go tell classpass that they didn't do that for me. Fuck classpass.

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