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fs/net and some other important pieces of Node.js are written as C++ addons for v8, hooking them would be very difficult I guess. Though Microsoft have been working on this for their ChakraCore engine. There was a conflict if I recall correctly, Microsoft suggested to add another abstraction layer to make hooking other JS engines easier but Node.js team refused it. I might not know that situation very well. But I have downloaded ChakraCore based Node.js once and it ran my project without problems, though the performance was about 5% slower.

How could we easily expose syscalls to `qjs`? Deno is just a Rust IPC/syscall layer glued to V8 really...

Some Node APIs could probably be implemented using the std and os modules[1], but others (e.g. networking) would probably need to be implemented via the C API[2].

[1]: https://bellard.org/quickjs/quickjs.html#Standard-library

[2]: https://bellard.org/quickjs/quickjs.html#QuickJS-C-API

Perhaps libuv-webserver[1] could be used for that purpose?

[1]: https://github.com/springmeyer/libuv-webserver

It'd be super neat if he added a native `net` module. Then we could do node.js http/net vs QuickJS benchmarks.

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