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[flagged] Deleted Tweets: Trump (factba.se)
15 points by vinnyglennon 5 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 17 comments

I thought there was something official that would preserve presidential correspondence

That assumes that the department you're speaking of wasn't already cut. The President only seems to care about history as it relates to what he believes it should. Consider for example how many times he bashed President Obama for golfing and has since surpassed President Obama's rate. Or how he criticized Sec Clinton for a private email server then did the same thing or illegally destroyed documents. The President seems to be confused on the differences between an office with shared powers and the dictators he has made a habit of becoming friendly with.

I think it’s the first time we see a president using social media so much so the regulatory framework hasn’t yet caught up.

This is probably one of the few good use cases for blockchain technology where independent actors (of potentially different political affiliations and in different countries) can help given they’re given a purely monetary incentive independent of any political outcomes.

‘Prince of Whales’ is a funny typo, presumably that’s why the tweet was deleted.

I often delete a tweet if I make a mistaek in the spelling. For some reason it infuriates me more than I expected. I think this is because when I tweet, I commit to a permanent public record and the tweet will be scrutinized by someone eventually (if not currently by my followers) - and the tweet will be read and judged at some point. This is why Twitter needs an edit button.

I'm fine with an edit button as long as you keep a log of the edit and previous version. Last thing that cesspool needs is more troll tools, and mid-flame war edits are absolutely troll tools.

I have typed some strange stuff due to autocorrect... although "wale" doesn't seem to autocorrect because it is a real word evidently.

was "mistaek" intentional?

Because it's a failure that says "whale" on the site that gave us the "fail whale?"

Regardless of our opinions on Donald Trump, there is huge potential for misinformation here, aka the “fake news” that Trump mentions.

I suggest everyone takes this with a grain of salt unless confirmed with other sources (ideally I’d like a reputable entity like the Internet Archive to release a similar service as so far they’ve been trustworthy and haven’t shown any political bias).

Full disclosure: I am a Trump opponent but I’m not into US politics based on what I hear in mainstream international media which I know might be biased.

Quick question: what does "not into US politics" mean to you? You have opinions (you state that you're a Trump opponent) and seems at least marginally informed.

Just curious, not trying to bait you into saying anything stupid. I just ask as someone who is "very political" and trying to understand what people mean when they say they're "not into politics".

I think "not into politics" is just a phrase that means "please don't bite my head off just because I have a different political opinion."

Not really.

I’m not into politics and I don’t take the time to do proper research into who said what and I only take info from the mainstream news so I understand they’re biased and I disclosed that to cover myself in case what I heard ends up wrong. I’m against him but I’m also open to the basis of my opinion being incorrect.

I understand.

Not that this has anything to do with what you said specifically -- it is just sad how polarized our nation is and the folks at the extreme ends have created a dumpster fire that the media magnifies for profit.

My only information on US politics is from news outlets I usually listen to (BBC, HN, French TV a couple years back and my UK friends) so I potentially have a biased picture but don’t have the time to look into it properly and do my research.

So I’m against him based on what I heard (his thoughts on climate change and the FCC situation with Ajit Pai being appointed) but no other information besides that.

I'm going to boldly assume you're not living in the US? If so, this all makes more sense to me. The same way I might have vague opinions about the UK (Boris seems like a goofus, May did a pretty poor job handling Brexit, etc) I have no clue what the day to day politics are actually like.

Just interested in people who frame statements the way you did. As another poster said, sometimes it's meant as "If I say I don't care about this, when people disagree with me I can troll them by pointing out how little I care" but I understand your point of view.

Thanks for clearing things up!

Indeed I do not live in the US but the UK.

I hold similar opinions about Brexit - I think it’s a bad idea based on the reaction of everyone else but if it was just up to me I wouldn’t care much (although I think it was managed badly).

If it ends up bad for my business (software engineering consultancy currently based in the UK) I’ve already got a backup plan of moving elsewhere. Other than that I don’t have much power to prevent politicians shooting themselves in the foot so I just sit and wait with a good backup plan.

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