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The model is quite different to how people write code today. Instead of a process that takes code from your machine and sends it to prod (and thus has a lot of risk), you code in a sorta sandbox _in prod_. That is then enabled for users via changing the feature flag setting.

So to do code review, you write the code behind the feature flag, then ask someone for code review. (There's google-docs style collaboration, so they can see your code if you permit it). After code review, you can "merge" by toggling the feature flag, or changing the setting to "let 10% of users see this" or whatever roll-out strategy you want.

just safely. So you're writing code behind a feature flag (but "in prod"), but no users can see it.

So what protects you from accidentally doing “DELETE TABLE users” on prod?

In traditional design, there will be pre-commit code reviews and staging env with limited access. But looks like Dark get rids of all of this?

Good question. The answer to most questions like this is "it'll probably be the same as now". I know it seems like everything is different, but we're not really trying to invent much new stuff, only what's required to take stuff out. Whenever things from today work, we'll keep them. Core review, testing, ways of preventing deleting everything on prod; they're all valuable.

cool- I guess there is some concept of a snapshot/diff to show you the before and after?

Not currently but I'm sure there will be at some point.

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