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It depends on the complexity of your business, although every Shopify site is going to need a handful of plugins to do the basics. Things like the email signup modal aren't base features, but require a plugin.

If you've got even a moderately complex business, plugins add up pretty quickly, and each Shopify app you add to your site slows down your pageload. When Shopify pitches you, they show you some really great looking sites, but after you've bought in, you find out that they're not only operating with 35 apps (at an additional cost of thousands a month), that some of them are hacky custom workarounds, and even though status.shopify.com is all green lights, the servers these third party apps are running on aren't on the same infrastructure, and you're dealing with dozens of points of failure on black Friday...

But thousands of shops are on the Shopify platform, and the "Just Grow Bro" Sales Lead told me they do B2B and international, so how bad could it be?

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