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This seems like a solution for sharing a private development server with co-workers.

A decade ago we used another solution which seemed to work well enough: Developers had a Unix accounts on a Linux server. Their workspace was mounted as a remote filesystem. Interactive console access was available via SSH.

Inlets seems to still require a remote Linux server, but seems a like a more complicated way to solve the problem.

By using a shared server, we didn't need maintain container image to keep laptop environments sync'ed. If we wanted to upgrade the development database version, we upgraded the DB once on the shared server and everyone had the new version immediately.

I don't believe that's the main use case for this project. The main use case for stuff like this is if you're using some external API like Zuora or Twilio that needs to hit endpoints on your local test box. Something like this allows them to actually contact your machine indirectly.

I've used ngrok before and it's a great solution for quick tests. I guess this is an open-sourced version of that.

Thanks for clarifying that. I have occasionally had that need. Some protocols like SAML are actually doing in-browser redirects so they bypass that problem.

I'll bookmark this in case I have this need in the future.

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