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So what messages were employed to sway the electorate? Should be possible to give examples even if it was targeted.

If these important questions are omitted, the seriousness of the investigation should indeed be questioned.

It just looks that people tried and failed to dig up some dirt. Standard political procedure and you would find something like this for any political candidate. It was just scandalized by media.

The article is a disgrace to Wikipedia and I do see many parallels to the WMD stories. There was never any evidence of their existence as well as there is no evidence of any collusion.

Not even the hacking could be attributed without any doubt. Even though that is a tool governments are ready to employ.

> Obama emphasized that Russian efforts caused more harm to Clinton than to Trump during the campaign.

True. He also said that Putin isn't our friend. Also true. But it isn't that hard to see that there is basically nothing here.

My opinion? A substantial part of the electorate voted Trump because they were sick of fairy tales.

Have you looked at the Mueller Report? There’s no doubt Russia interfered. If there was no conspiracy with the Trump campaign, it’s only because the campaign was too incompetent to make it happen.

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