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Who said it was only targeting US companies?

26 companies fall under the required threshold. Not all of them are US based and there's even a French one (criteo).

Here is the full list [1]:

• Sales of goods: Alibaba, Amazon, Apple, Ebay, Google, Groupon, Rakuten, Schibsted, Wish, Zalando.

• Services: Amadeus, Axel Springer, Booking, Expedia, Match.com, Randstad, Recruit, Sabre, Travelport Worldwide, Tripadvisor, Uber.

• Advertisement: Amazon, Criteo, Ebay, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Twitter, Verizon.

[1] http://www.lefigaro.fr/conjoncture/2019/03/20/20002-20190320...

Most of those are still American businesses (twenty of twenty-nine, or over two-thirds). Another interesting way to look at it would be by revenue breakdown - I suspect the total revenue of American companies may be disproportionately high.

Yeah right, who'd even notice Alibaba?

FYI, Alibaba's revenue (~56B) exceeds that of Ebay (~10B), Uber (~11B), Expedia (~11b), Twitter (~3b), Groupon (~3v) and Tripadvisor (~2b) combined.

Yes, Amazon/Apple/Microsoft/Google/Verizon are still huge. But it doesn't mean there aren't other big fish out there.

But what’s Alibaba’s revenue from France? I suspect the proportion is quite low compared to American companies.

What's Verizon's revenue from France? I suspect the proportion is quite low compared to Chinese companies.

Well, let’s compare tax rates the foreign companies pay with the local French companies. Something tells me that the American companies are making out like bandits compared to the French ones that have to pay all local taxes. I see this as as an attempt to equalize the competitive playing field.

This is just another example of Americans (and hey, I’m American) feeling they are permitted to do whatever they want, even outside of their own borders. It’s peak arrogance.

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