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> Vitamin A is actually worse because it is fat soluble, not water soluble like Vitamin C. If you consume too much Vitamin A, you don't pee it out, it gets stored in your fat cells. And because it stays in your system it can build up to toxic levels and you get hypervitaminosis.

However, that is only the case for the retinol form of Vitamin A, found mostly in animal sources (and in infamously toxic amounts in polar bear liver). The "Vitamin A" in carrots is actually in the form of beta-Carotene, which is technically Provitamin A – the body uses beta-Carotene as a precursor to make retinol as needed.

Fortunately, the body will never convert more beta-Carotene to retinol than needed, so you will never suffer from hypervitaminosis A from eating too many carrots. On the other hand, you might literally (and otherwise harmlessly) turn orange: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carotenosis

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