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If I use portrait mode and the camera software softens my face [1], would that image be flagged as having been photoshopped?

[1] https://www.theatlantic.com/technology/archive/2018/12/your-...

It should be, surely.

How do you draw the line at acceptable changes from the RAW image? Are HDR images photoshopped? How about ones where the white balance has been adjusted? Or that an unsharp mask has been applied?

Maybe a first pass filter would be "has a selection been made according to the image content".

So an unsharp mask would be a no, unless it was applied to background or everything except faces (for example).

Things like white balance don't count, unless you are selective according to the image content; so you could white-balance according to the whole-image statistics, but _not_ "recognise the is a face and use white-balance to, eg, lighten or reduce contrast in that area".

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