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Be very careful about such projects on Tor. There are plenty of images within Tor, the possession of which, can land you in prison and destroy your life. I would hesitate from clicking any link to such a project without first some examination of how they dealt with that issue.

True. But this dataset is "safe". I could ensure you to download it and show it in front of any public, without that much concern about shocking anyone (maybe one or two pictures may not be friendly for everyone, but nothing as bad as you could encounter on the "true Tor"). That's precisely one use of this dataset : showing what is on Tor without have a 200 heart beat because you don't know on which page you'll land next.

This dataset does not include any such images.

It does say they filtered the dataset first “picture by picture” to remove violent or offensive material.

Come on, this CERT from Luxemburg project, if it would be some random Anon blogger I would not even open main page for such project without going through Tor.

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