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I’m sure you also love to complain about the problems at the Foxconn ‘Apple factory’. Which in reality builds products for all manufacturers.

I just wanted to express to rawrmaan that I felt disturbed about his calling apple brave and moral when many aspects of their supply chain don't appeal to my sense of justice.

So "everyone else does it" is a valid defense?

Apple charges $1k for their monitor stands. I think they can afford to build their stuff at a factory that doesn't use modern slavery.

I agree that Apple is incredibly greedy and hypocritical, but in the end, working at Foxconn is just another underpaid job. I think the term "modern slavery" should be reserved for people whose passport has been taken away, who are trapped on a fishing boat or in a brothel for life, who have been tricked into accepting debt etc.

So “selling your items for cheap” is a valid defense?

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