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> albeit poorly documented

That's an understatement. Haha The docs are basically worthless. There is so many different versions, all scattered around the web. Not to mention, most of them are in the form of a .pdf that is hundreds of pages, with a terrible search function. hah

With that said, Palette [1] is an awesome company that builds exactly what you are describing. I've used there products for a bit now for PS work, and love it!

[1] https://palettegear.com/index

Was looking at potentiometers (knobs) the other day, and it's crazy that you basically have to make your own in Arduino if you want one that isn't from Palette. Microsoft infamously made the Dial that has the unfortunate design flaw of sliding off the Surface monitor it's supposed to stick to.

There are other options. Controllers with knobs are often made for music, but can also be used effectively for stuff like 3D and image/video editing. A popular choice for editing photos is the Behringer X-Touch Mini.

Also, you generally don't want potentiometers for these applications, but rotary encoders. Pots = physical min and max position; encoders = infinite rotation. So for example, when you're switching from one photo to the next, pots would annoyingly keep the old value, while encoders will switch to the correct value. Just a little detail, but it's nice to have to right term to search for.

That Microsoft "Dial" was the triumph of gimmickry over functionality.

Now that would be a good research paper: documenting the Photoshop API.

Tell me about it. I remember trying to write scripts for CS....5? Digitally flicking through a PDF was an absolute pain, and their "JavaScript reference" is a stretch when you could barely write any JavaScript for it. Tonnes of basic features missing from the reference meant coming up with your own extravagant way of performing basic tasks.

I don't know what it's like now, but I'm glad I don't use Photoshop anymore to worry about it

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