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My wife had an Etsy store before moving to Shopify. I'm a developer, and we still moved to Shopify. We went with Shopify because out of the box, it had everything you needed, even things you don't think you need. ecommerce is more than just accepting payments and a shopping cart. Shopify is, in effect, a curated experience. Other options required a lot of effort to setup to run at least as easily as Shopify was out of the box.

And here is the thing you forget: no one with a store is interested in dealing with setting up and managing a web store. They are busy with their business. The web store is the side effect of that. SEO, taxes, shipping management, etc? All that needs to come out of the box, or a no brainer.

54,000 plugins doesn't help with that. With Shopify, we only installed a few, and they did exactly what we wanted them to.

So, if you are going to compare open-source options with Shopify, you need to actually compare it with a turn-key solution.

i.e. Where do I create a woocommerce store that is setup correctly from the beginning, which includes updates, SEO, shipping, taxes, payouts, billing, and everything else Shopify provides out the gate.

Because I'm busy running a business, and that business isn't running a web site.

Yes, and even if want to get your hands dirty or need custom features they offer extensive developer tools and great documentation - we use their API a lot and it’s a joy to work with.

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