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Software Update Tool

MRTConfigData_10_14-1.45: No such update No updates are available.

I am also getting this error, and suspect it is because I’m on 10.12.6. If you do system_profiler SPInstallHistoryDataType |grep -A5 MRTConfigData you should see your latest version. For me, it’s 1.42. Not sure how to get the update yet though. Will update this comment once I figure that out.

Update: According to this macworld article, there is a Zoom patch out that fixes this. https://www.macworld.com/article/3407764/zoom-mac-app-flaw-c...

There are also commands at the bottom to manually kill the zoom localhost and disable it. I have opted to run those commands regardless:

  pkill ZoomOpener;rm -rf ~/.zoomus;touch ~/.zoomus &&chmod 000 ~/.zoomus;

  pkill "RingCentralOpener";rm -rf ~/.ringcentralopener;touch ~/.ringcentralopener &&chmod 000 ~/.ringcentralopener;#

What do the chmod do there? Removing files count as writes to the directory at least in Linux, so chmodding the dummy file wouldn't do much I'm thinking.

Idea is to prevent the Zoom Software from ‘repairing’ the ‘damaged’ app by overwriting it with the malware.

I would also set the ‘user immutable’ flag. If you want even better, set the ‘system immutable’ flag (see ‘man chflags’)

Yes sure, but I question if these permissions would do anything to prevent that. It would reject an open() call on the file, but these are expected to be directories so that would never happen, and it doesn't stop an unlink()


    softwareupdate -l --include-config-data
To list available updates, then adjust the command with the MRTConfigData version Apple provides for you.

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