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I don't think "number of plugins" is a good comparison metric here.

The Shopify app store is regulated + tested by Shopify before getting the approval to go live.

WordPress plugins are the wild west, many of them incompatible with each other.

Wait until you see what Magento plugins are like

Regulated meaning a tightly controlled and closed "market"?

Number of plugins isn't the greatest metric but it's a good leading indicator. It's kinda hard to estimate how many merchants and customers and volume of transactions have been processed when they aren't being tracked by a central entity ;)

What was meant was moderation. Shopify works with developers to ensure the plugin's code will be compatible/quality more similar to how Apple does moderation.

If only Shopify was some sort of publicly traded company that publicly reported these numbers. If only...

It is publicly traded on the NYSE. Ticker symbol: SHOP.

The OP was being sarcastic.

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