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In other words, Big Ball of Mud https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Big_ball_of_mud

Not just that though. Also the existence of a somewhat toxic work environment which functioned sufficiently where all they needed was cheaper, less skilled, easy to hire employees doing more rote kinds of work but which hampered both creativity and getting shit done and meant employees with other options simply left.

Template zombies, as coined by Mark Schwartz in the book "A seat at the table". Managers who think that they can turn everything into a template, and then hire monkeys to take those templates and fill in the blanks.

Everyone knows the manager is the most valuable person in the room. They have the ideas. The rest of us are just implementing their vision. So easy.


Right. This approach becomes evident when a manager refers to developers as "resources".

The term is "amateurization", and it can lead to efficiencies since the lesser skilled labor pool is larger.

You'd be surprised how many companies operate with this biz model today. I call em zombie companies. management just sucks out the profit while they slowly crumble. Sad for all involved. Spinning out internal CRUD from a zombie co. is a whole nother ball game though

Yup, and backdoor galore!

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