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It seems that Dark is designed to allow you to wrap external APIs in easy-to-use interfaces, so it should be at home as part of a larger SOA or ecosystem, of course with the caveat that it's still being developed. See the footnote at https://medium.com/darklang/dark-residency-7dbc878a5f0a .

Yes, that's exactly right. Dark speaks HTTP (and at some point, will speak GRPC, Thrift, etc) so you can access 3rd party services over HTTP (and wrap them in SDKs in the Dark package manager, same as on npm).

We expect we'll have some built-in support for common things (resizing images and videos, or generating pdfs for instance; we already support static assets on a CDN).

Hey Paul, nice to see you here on HN. Very promising start!

What's the best way to contact you? (I'm $HNusername @ gmail).

Thank you! I'm at https://twitter.com/paulbiggar or paul@darklang.com.

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