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>>The two weekend events presumably only occupied a small fraction of them,

Clearly you have never organized a large event before

I'm the founder and CEO of a national conference/events business, producing a dozen events a year and significant editorial content.

What's being described is way too many people, unless they're all heavily ROI-positive sales people, in which case this problem doesn't exist.

I'm part of a large scale events team (albeit as a programmer). 22 full time staff for two weekend events is pretty insane.

They also published a magazine 6 times a year, many tutorial books (I have acquired a few over the years) and publishing lots of DIY project guides online.

I worked briefly with a team that did 16 events a year nationwide + put out a (print edition) weekly periodical, the team was only about 14. Most of the staff worked on the periodical. 22 seems really high.

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