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Ask HN: What do you or your company use to organize documents?
1 point by highhedgehog 6 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 1 comment
At my company, we are still using a shared disk in Windows and we load everything there, somewhat divided into folders that are supposedly related.

This is not a good solution: as soon as you have a decent number of documents it's very confusing and complicated to search documents. Plus, you can't label documents (which would make the search way easier), you can't track who loaded, you can't track versions etc.

What do you guys use?

Something like https://www.box.com/ (dropbox recently added more team features as well), https://basecamp.com/ or https://www.notion.so/ for company knowledge management might fit. If it's mostly about files I'd check box.com or search for 'box.com alternatives', the others also try to be your intranet where you write new content into pages like a wiki. If the pricing sounds too high there's also open source https://owncloud.org/ (and the commercial https://nextcloud.com/)

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