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Perl gets a bad rep, but a decent programmer should be able to write readable Perl.

I found Modern Perl [0] to be an absolutely brilliant exposition of readable Perl 5 and how great Perl can be. I'll be forever grateful to chromatic for writing and revising the book!

[0] http://modernperlbooks.com/

> readable Perl

I worked with Perl 5 intensively for three years and know the language in and out. These Perl 6 snippets there are mostly foreign to me. It's like how a non-Perler looks at Perl 5: mostly a mess of unexpected symbols with some recognizable keywords inbetween.

It's a bit like if a C programmer looks at a Schwartzian transform.

A good programmer will write readable code in any language, and a bad code will write unreadable code in any language. But most programmers are somewhere in the middle, and so whether mediocre programmers end up writing readable code ends up being what's important.

> A good programmer will write readable code in any language,

That's a fantasy, pure and simple. Taking the statement on its face, let us ignore the undefined boundaries of "good" or "readable" and focus on the practical issue. Have you seen Brainfuck or Whitespace? Many languages are less readable than others, be it incidentally or by design. People are imperfect beings and for whatever "good" means, a "good" or "bad" programmer will write code that is against their assessed skill at times.

Also, Raku is a different language with a very different design, so Perl's bad rep ideally wouldn't apply.

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