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The Atlas of Moons (nationalgeographic.com)
58 points by gdubs 9 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 9 comments

Wow, I have to give kudos to the natgeo web dev/team that implemented this. This was a flawless read on mobile, and that's a rarity for me anytime a site tries to get fancy, the scrolljacking and anti patterns make it just workable enough to be frustrating. This took some skill, and a mandate from someone to be not just device friendly, but as close to a native feel I've seen possible with web views. Kudos.

I don't like the UX. Made my laptop spin like crazy. Why do they have to make such a long scroll and why don't they use multiple pages?

Scientific atlas should have used kilometers for distance :) Beautiful presentation though!

That is absolutely stunning! How much time did they spend developing this?! Phenomenal dedication

I like the way it display thing, good job, the scroll experience is nice and smooth. I've even learn pluto has moons :O. (but sad that distance are in Miles only...)

Does not seem to work with Firefox...

Works fine here. Still barely usable though because it's all in some strange imperial units :P

Works for me with Firefox, but not Safari.

Works for me on 67.0.4.

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