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> iMessage is end-to-end encrypted. The keys are managed by the devices themselves. There is no facility to backdoor or intercept the messages.

That is only a half-truth. Apple controls the key infrastructure; they may replace your keys with arbitrary ones at the demand, coercion or compromise by any number of bad actors. The software is closed source, making it impossible to verify any actual claims made otherwise. If they truly valued privacy, why not open source iMessage, allow users to verify iMessage keys, hire an independent third party to audit their infrastructure, or all of the above?

Moreover, Apple has moved iCloud infrastructure to Chinese data centers to enable spying on millions of innocent people. They have removed apps from their store which circumvent Chinese censorship. These are truly shameful acts which has appropriately drawn criticism from human rights watch organizations.





I find it disappointing that we blame companies operating in China and not the real forcing function for all this: the Chinese government

Regarding them as distinct actors is a mistake. Both enable each other: Apple enables pervasive surveillance; in turn China enables huge profits. How bottomless is the guile of a corporation willing to put lives at risk to make some money?

The government is bad, so is a trillion dollar American company choosing to collaborate with the government by enabling spying on their users just so they can make even more money. They're enabling a government to track down & torture/murder dissidents

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