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Honestly, I think the real issue is being able to see exactly what the machines are doing when they talk to each other. And I don't mean diagrams either.

I just went through this when setting up an nginx reverse proxy to a gunicorn web server. Once I was able to see all the X- headers and how wsgi was setting up its environment against that, it all became very clear to me what was happening and why each piece was necessary.

I think the same would apply to being able to see exactly what happens with preflight requests. PS: non-interactive diagrams don't fill that gap.

Chrome Developer Tools shows the preflight request in the network tab, as it does every other request. It's even called out as being part of the same communication, if you group by communication instead of sorting by timestamp. What's not clear is why it's necessary sometimes and why it's not, where you have to dig into a mix of history and security policy, and do a bit of threat modelling.

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