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That's it right there. This isn't some gray area, questionable thing like that time they pushed a David Bowie song onto people's iTunes. Remember that? People completely lost their minds over it, and I agree with the sentiment.

This isn't third-party anything. No one even knew this was running on their machine and it was demonstrably abusable. Good riddance!

As one of those people who got really annoyed by it, here's two reasons why:

One: On the family iPad we had at the time, we hadn't ever uploaded music to it from the family library, because there wasn't enough space for it all. Whenever anyone opened control panel and accidentally pressed "play", something by U2 (with a not-appropriate-for-little-children album cover) would come on.

Two: It was hard to remove that darn album. I couldn't figure out how to get it to go away for the life of me.

There's also a fundamental difference between someone adding something like Clippy to your desktop (or a U2 album) and someone saying "you need to fix your stuff or you get kicked out."

a David Bowie song

It was an entire U2 album, a far greater offense.

It’s blasphemous to equate these artists.

If it was a Bowie song, people probably would've been happy.

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