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> It causes news stories and blog spam to pop up before product pages or other non-"article" style pages.

Your whole issue with AMP seems to be not understanding that Google ranking pages badly has nothing to do with with AMP. Google, Baidu, Bing, and other link aggregators that implement AMP caches are free to rank pages however they like and still load AMP pages instantly.

> Your getting downmodded because you completely missed the point here.

I'm getting downmodded because people don't understand technology. That doesn't bother me. I'll still correct them.

No, you still ignored the point.

Google's behavior is what everybody from the linked article to the commenters here hates.

> Google's behavior

And what behavior is that? Providing a publishing standard that anybody can (and do) take advantage of, including their competitors, instead of requiring direct integration like Apple News?

It's an unnecessary publishing standard, intended to replace the one that is already widely used: normal HTML.

Users want instant loading result pages. That makes it necessary.

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