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Stripe's API was down again
132 points by klinskyc 7 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 56 comments
Hasn't hit their status page yet, but our error rates are spiked up again, and they just posted a tweet -> https://status.stripe.com/

5:35 Eastern -> Their status page has been updated

Stripe gets the front page because they are popular with developers, but I've dealt with so many other more-corporate payment processors that are absolutely awful for reliability. Rampant downtime, terrible support, terrible concurrency limits, failure to meet SLAs, terrible documentation (900 page specs that are impossible to read). They all think they are awesome, and yet can't go more than 48 hours without having some system degradation email sent out. I don't want to name them, but they are some of the worst businesses I've ever dealt with. They just want to sit there and collect huge amounts of money for helping you connect to Visa/Mastercard/etc, and do little else.

Rage. Stripe hitting a little downtime is nothing in comparison.

I have some experience with a Stripe competitor (may have predated Stripe by a bit) but their reliability was probably on par, more or less. Their API though... would’ve been worth a couple lost 9s for a better API. Polar opposite of Stripe on that front.

I dealt with one that seemed actively hostile. They would change their API without any advance warning at all. Data fields that we depended on would mysteriously vanish in the middle of the day, causing our entire system to grind to a halt until we put in a hotfix. Happened several times in the two years I worked on that project.

Wow?! An API should be treated as a contract.. I hope you dropped them

It would have been nice if dropping them had been an option for me.

So far I've had great experiences with Stripe's support.

Agree. I once had to explain the concept of idempotemcy to a payment processor, whose APIs lacked it.

If this is true, why not name them to help others?

We're seeing a spike in error rates and we're working on a fix now. (We've updated our status page: https://twitter.com/stripestatus/status/1149065544399609856)

Kind of incredible that this is the first time I remember Stripe being down in a long, long time.

Serious kudos to their team and hope they get this resolved soon :)

I've seen a lot of comments like this on HN since earlier today regarding the Stripe API downtime. It's very positive and I'm glad to see it in response to an event that usually garners frustration.

Never used Stripe's API myself, but it sounds like they are vastly reliable beyond these blips.

Out of curiosity, why is this downvoted?

It would be great if Stripe would offer an RSS feed for status updates in addition to twitter posts. A lot of other services have one and it's very convenient to subscribe to in Slack for updates. At my current company, for example, we have a #third-party-outages channel which we have all available third party services (GitHub, NPM, CircleCI, Slack [yes, it's meta], HackerOne, etc.) status page RSS feed notify in case of an outage.

It wouldn't be perfect, but there are tons of services that can generate an RSS feed for a specific twitter user. It looks like @stripestatus only tweets when there's actually an issue (aside from updates on current issues)

I do the same, you can use the slack twitter integration to post the stripe alerts.

I didn’t realize you could use slack as an rss client

Via a bot.

I thought RSS requires polling - to get timely outage notifications does Slack hit all the RSS feeds every minute?

I’ve used StatusGator for this in the past with success.

StatusGator isn't granular enough. Having a service go yellow just because a totally different geographic region got sad is annoying.


Edit: Actually looks like that page doesn't have an RSS feed, never mind

I don’t see an RSS feed option there?

You're right, looks like I was mistaken

I looked and triple checked before posting this to make sure I didn't accidentally miss it ;)

You're clearly more careful than I am :)

Ran into this one in the wild when it happened, before stripe status had even tweeted about it. I was trying to order doordash and got a "Could not deserialize JSON object" error when adding a credit card. Hope this is fixed soon, the girlfriend and I are very hungry :(

Edit: update if anyone cared, API seems back up and we have ordered food! :)

I care! What did y'all get? Was it tasty?

The thread from earlier today is https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=20403774.

The last error message on their credit cards endpoint reads «This API method has been temporarily disabled due to exceptionally high traffic». It might be a DDoS attack.

We're investigating what happened, but we know this wasn't a DDoS attack.

Ya - I'm seeing the same thing on the customer endpoint.

Is it due to another Fiber Cut somewhere? Recently almost the entire east coast was down due to fiber damage. I guess the cloud services are as good as the wires that run in the ground.

grounding the cloud!

Bad day to launch my new GAN book. damn it!

I was able to still get through and get it.


We were literally just about to deploy an updated pricing model when our test suite started failing when using Stripe's API.

Yep, definitely is. Have been getting 503s for the last 15 minutes.

Second time today. This has been a painful day. That uptime percentage is really ticking down fast. The developer/test mode APIs also seem to be down now as well.

Anyone have any good advice on storing a failed transaction and retrying later?

Is that even feasible with Stripe?

Obviously there would be security considerations.

The real solution is to never rely on one party. We fall back to another payment processor after using a heuristic to see if the error isn’t one that makes sense. If it’s a problem with the payment card, it’ll fail again, no harm done. If it’s a problem with the provider, it’ll go through.

(We wrote a payments abstraction library easy enough to (partially or fully) fill for any payment provider’s core functionality, so it’s literally just a couple more lines of code at the call site. It took several rewrites to get the abstraction to cover all the oddities each time we added a new provider implementation, though!)

But for that you have to touch CC info directly with all the risks and compliance bullshit.

You can use a third party vault to collect and store CC info without it touching your servers. I use Spreedly. I can then charge any of the stored cards with any of like 45 different payment gateways, including Stripe. Keeping your own billing systems online when one of your gateways is down is one of the use cases. This has worked great for the past 7 or so years I've been using them. It might become more difficult with PSD2 SCA however...

what happens when the vault goes down?

That happens much less often than payment gateways going down. Spreedly's service is at least an order of magnitude less complex than running a payment processing company. However, you can have resilience against that situation by having a backup integration with one of your payment gateways directly. Spreedly will gladly collect a customer's credit card for you, save it in their vault, AND save it in your Stripe account, and any other gateways you work with. So, without having touched any CC info yourself, you can tell Spreedly to charge a customer via Stripe, or you can directly tell Stripe to charge that same card.

Thank you.

have your script test for your own network possibly being down, then if it gets a bad response, put the transaction in a queue to be retried later

It looks like it's up again for me.

I've had transactions getting through every once in a while but most are not.

SAAS: if one transaction gets through, it’s not “down” or “unavailable”, it’s “elevated error rates.”


Please don't do this here.




What’s all this about? Honest question

It's a meme from a computer game where, at a funeral, you have to press F to pay respect

Shows how cool I am ;) Thanks!

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