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I sort of get it and yet even when I'm sure I've configured it correctly, I'll hit road blocks in Safari, for example, when it works everywhere else as expected. It is such a frustrating experience.

Yeah, i'm dealing with CORS issue with Safari right now. On a XHR with a custom header over https, safari fails with a "protocol error" error rather than running the pre-flight request. The same query without the custom header works well. Every other browser (IE, Edge, Chrome, Firefox) handle it well and does the OPTIONS call to ensure I allow this header. If anybody has a solution for that, I'm all ears :)

I'm dealing with frustrating CORS issues right now. We have a CDN intercepting outgoing requests from a request resource and nobody here can seem to figure out how to get it to keep allowed headers for OPTIONS method requests.

Sounds like something that's going to have to be configured on your CDN. I'm assuming you already checked with them/their docs?

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