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This reads so much like the infamous dropbox comment.

How so? It's super easy to just download and put into any website. Look at the demo above.

It took us about 3 months of work to get all the quirks out, but anyone can do it. A developer can grab our library but if you don't know how to code, it's just a widget you get off the Internet. And it works on YOUR WEBSITE. This isn't like Dropbox because there is no desktop app.

So you're wondering why people use something that just works over something that took you (assumedly someone technical) 3 months to get all the kinks out?

How long do you think it would take a non technical team or company to get it up and running?

No. You’re just mistakenly comparing apples and trees on which apples grow.

It took us 3 months to turn WebRTC into something that “just works” on any website. The RESULT OF THAT is now available for anyone to use.

People can have it up and running in 5 minutes. On their own website.

Users have nothing to download. It just works, including on mobile web browsers.

Companies can also put it into their mobile apps.

So what is the downside again?

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