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Let's assume the Pilot is a smashing success, let's also say math works out in some country to do it for 0.2% of their GDP.

How do the logistics of policy adoption work for the first "pilot" country?

1. You would need environmental clearance and the government's own stud(ies) on it. How do you get a government to do this assessment?

2. If you have to get Costa rica(or any listed potentials on the page) to show interest do you go to the Environment Ministry and do a power point and ask "So?".

2.1. Do you get them to do this as part of implementing some climate pledge. And in this case what are you mostly competing with for the fixed size pot of $$?

At least in Costa Rica beaches are already used for private resort beaches (illegal in law, but meh), extracting salt and dumping construction debris or stealing sand. With those antecedents I don't think the government would oppose to do something actually useful.

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