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Hi, if you'd like to donate at this point please check out https://projectvesta.org/donate where we currently have our "Grain of Hope" necklace available. It is a single grain of olivine, suspended in a sand timer vial, to symbolize that although time is ticking, it is not too late to stop (and reverse) the damage.

Since we do not have a beach yet where we can place olivine, we were originally not planning to offer the additional jewelry yet. That said, we are seeing demand for additional pieces at this point, so as long as people are clear that we don't have our $25 spent -> 1 ton of olivine on the beach process going yet, and that the donation is going to fund operations and to get our pilot project onto the beach, we will be happy to put them up. For now, I have removed the Cart from the menu, which I am guessing allowed you to work your way to the empty shop :)

And also you are right on target about the beaches and influencers. While we will be working on a top-down policy level with government and other groups to deploy the beaches, the plan is to simultaneously work from the bottom up to create a global movement of people who want to take action on climate change through influencers and ambassadors visiting the beach and also wearing the jewelry to spread the message.

May I suggest selling a pound of olivine?

I can see people dumping it individually at the beach for instagram pictures.

I know it wouldn't be effective, but the idea is to raise money while giving people a feeling of participation.

That's the reason those silly 'ocean plastic' recycled 'jewelry' sell so well.

You'd also introduce it as 'normal' before having to deal with bureaucrats.

Setup recurring donations as soon as you get around to it. It's a lot more money, and a lot easier to plan your budget since attrition is perfectly predictable.

Thank you for the feedback, you are right on the mark, as this is our plan once we have our first Impact Beach in operation. The plan is to sell a piece of jewelry for $XX-$XXX and then charge $25 per month, which is about the cost of 1 tonne of olivine. That 1 tonne of olivine placed in the person's name, will remove 1.25 tonnes of CO2 from the atmopshere/ocean, which is approximately equivalent to a US person's monthly CO2 footprint (1.245 t / month or 14.95 t /year)[1]

[1] https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2019/01/chart-of-the-day-thes...

How about a signup-for-updates page/widget? I'd like to donate on a recurring basis, but I may forget to come back whenever you have that sorted out.

Just bought one for my wife!

It would be cool if I could kick in a few extra dollars so you could send one to every female American congressman and senator.

No need to make it a weird gender thing.

Awesome! Thanks for the response. I will definitely donate once I'm off work today.

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