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Org-mode: Notepad, meet calculator, spreadsheet, mind map, literate programming tool, blogging/Web CMS, presentation builder...

I really can't find a good way to recreate what I have with something like soulver.

With tables I don't see the formulas at glance. Only alternative would be a real programming language but than something like time is a pain again.

You can evaluate emacs lisp everywhere in the editor with C-x C-e. C-u C-x C-e pastes into the buffer. IDK if that fits your use case or not but I hope it's helpful.

what does this correspond to? I'm on spacemacs

eval-last-sexp, which I believe is , e s in Spacemacs. Also, most Emacs defaults like that are carried over to Spacemacs so you can try SPC h d k C-x C-e and get info that way.

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