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I'm very confused by this article -- AMP is an optional framework: https://amp.dev/ and even if you use it you can opt out of having Google load/point to it: https://support.google.com/news/producer/answer/7281462?hl=e... You don't need to no_index your site. What can you do about it? Just don't implement AMP. Yes, sites who do AMP get preferential treatment in search engines, but you can still get excellent results without it; it's a very small boost.

> Just don't implement AMP. ... you can still get excellent results without it; it's a very small boost.

What evidence do you have that it's only a small boost? That may be the case for very specific searches. But if you search anything where there is a lot of competition between publishers (coverage of major news stories, product reviews, etc), Google serves almost exclusively AMP results, with the exception of the odd result from Wikipedia or Twitter. Failing to implement AMP would be suicide for many publishers.

I do this for a living. As head of digital and editorial for a major publisher It's absolutely not suicide as we are extremely successful with our Google traffic without AMP. In fact MANY publishers don't use AMP -- I would say most don't (at least that I talk to). Most of us don't like the trade-offs And I talk to a lot of people who do exactly what I do (conferences, private mailing lists, etc.). And its absolutely not true that Google serves almost exclusively in AMP, as we get 80-90 percent of our site traffic from Google and, again, we don't implement AMP. Remember that page load as a factor is looked at completely independently from AMP (Google has verified this -- one of the few factors they've verified how it works), so it can help you with load but if you build your pages correctly and don't use it it's not a punishment. Even within Google news you can turn off Google pointing to AMP versions of your story -- it's an option right there you can click. So yes, I would disagree with you that not using AMP hurts you, and I've talked to publishers who have gone back and forth and that's how I know it's minor boost. But I'm just some strange on the internet so no need to listen to me -- you can believe what you want.

It's a matter of principle, AMP is a terrible thing for the web in general.

Yes, a lot of people agree on that. But you don't need to block Google from your site to stop AMP.The way this article is written it makes it seem like the only way to have AMP not affect your site is by blocking Google entirely, and that's simply not the case. I think that's why those of us who understand how AMP is used are commenting here -- and you can see that people are confused because other people are posting questions about blocking amp, when you don't have to block amp, you don't use it in the first place.

The author should clarify that they're taking extreme measures, but that this isn't required to not use AMP.

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