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I use dropbox everyday. But, he's still right all these years later isn't he? Dropbox hasn't made money yet. Perhaps it never will.

Andrew W. Houston is the co-founder and CEO of Dropbox. According to Forbes, his net worth is about $2.2 billion

Dropbox has been touted as Y Combinator's most successful investment to date.

But do they turn a profit as a company?

You're funny.

But to answer your question, yes, it turned a profit:

> The maker of cloud-based file-sharing software reported profit, excluding some costs, of 10 cents a share, above the 6 cent average estimate of analysts polled by Bloomberg.

>excluding some costs

So, not really then?

From the same article:

>The company also posted a narrower net loss of $7.7 million

Dropbox is still not profitable.

I'm sitting here laughing like how can they report a profit, excluding some costs? what? Thanks for pointing this out

It is funny - but to add a little nuance here, it sounds like they're reinvesting tons of cash back into R&D. If they were not reinvesting as heavily, they would be cash positive.

> Dropbox has demonstrated impressive growth since 2015, roughly doubling the number of paying users and revenue. Dropbox became cash-flow positive in 2016, but recorded a loss of $111 million that year after pouring money back into its product development efforts.


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