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Show HN: HaC Mini, a Full Featured Mac Mini Hackintosh (gitbook.io)
16 points by osy 6 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 4 comments

I've built a few hackintoshes over the years (probably 1 in 5 success rate), and this is among the best documented projects I've seen. Well done indeed!

[Don't think I've come across GitBooks before this -- looks like something we could use on a project so, bonus find! Thanks!]

Of all the "this just makes macOS work" guides I've seen this is by far the best. Especially how they get the vega m working; impressive.

Thanks! I really dislike the cargo culting you see in a large chunk of the hackintosh community which is just “try this bootloader option” or “install this random kext”. I hope that as I learn more about how these things work that I will continue to document the entire process and give explanations for why certain hacks are needed for things to work.

Agreed! And your documentation is exceptional.

I worked on the osx86 acpi stack wayyyy back in the day when the p4 dev kits(that was almost 15 years ago!!!) we're still going out. The sorta stuff that we were doing back then left me thinking that OSX on commodity hardware would always be a pipe dream. To see that transformed into systems that can recieve updates and still function has been really exciting. Good work!

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