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How curious that there's a reference to Jef Raskin on the facing page (p.205). Raskin, of course, was a visionary at Apple who would go on to advocate for a version of Macintosh quite different from what Steve Jobs envisioned (but which later appeared as the Cannon Cat). (a standalone system, but also an Apple ][ expansion card: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canon_Cat )

And yes, Wozniak is one of the great engineers of our time. I cut my teeth on an Apple ][, and it was both amazing and mysterious to me then, as a child. Now, with 40 years of professional programming experience, the mystery is largely gone but my appreciation for the elegance of his design is only amplified.

On the off-chance he'll see this:

Mr. Wozniak, thank you for creating something that has give me a career and a lifetime of joy.

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